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Thin Blue Line Leather Boxing Gloves

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We Shall Defend has designed and created these full grain all leather boxing gloves for the Krav Maga or mixed martial arts enthusiast, instructor or practitioner. Gloves are moderately soft and good for both bag work and light sparring.  
We Shall Defend was created for the protector in all of us. These "Thin Blue Line" gloves are a great way to proudly show your support for America's Law Enforcement Officers.  Wear with Pride! Designed in America!
  • 1.0 mm full grain all-leather construction;
  • Angled straps at wrist for anatomical fit;
  • Layered foam padding;
  • Ultra-comfortable laminated inner lining;
  • Stay Safe Apparel - Thin Blue Line
  • 16, 14 oz. Available